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From hubs to hubris – how to design pro-growth entrepreneurship


Friday, 27.05.2016, 11:30 - 12:30

Location: ESMT (European School of Management and Technology)

Address: Schlossplatz 1, 10178, Berlin, Deutschland

Host: GIZ

Language: EN

Description: There are several misconructs regarding the building and nurturing of start-up ecosystems. One of it being the exaggarated focus on innovation. This, however, obscures the real challenge: creating jobs and better income for young people in innovation driven and dynamic environments but also in developing environments with a different reality. This session does away with the premiss that innovation drives entrepreneurship. Instead with the help of experienced ecosystem-builders from Sri Lanka (Colombo and Northern Region and Germany (maybe one more country, it explores methods how to grow great ideas into great businesses. Together we talk about experiences and hands-on strategies to move beyond the bliss of innovation. Speaker: Lankan Angel Network Moritz Eckert (Betterplace Lab), Anushka Wijesinha (Ceylon Chamber of Commerce)