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Asia Briefing: Can India innovate its way to the top?


Wednesday, 25.05.2016, 18:00-20:00

Location: Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

Address: Unter den Linden 1, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland

Host: Bertelsmann Stiftung

Language: EN

Description: India with 4300 start-ups is home to the third largest number of technology start-ups globally, ahead of China and Israel and is growing at more than 30% annually. India’s active research and development sector employ benefit from its huge talent pool employing hundreds of thousands of engineers, churning out products for the global market. On the other side, India faces multiple challenges in terms of an unwieldy bureaucracy, creaky infrastructure and reform deadlock. Whether India will be able to overcome the challenges to become a dynamic and innovative economy which can be an engine of growth for the world economy is the question which our speaker, Mr. Abhay Pandey would address. ------- External registration on the organizer's website ------

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