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Same, same but different – the culture of digital communications in China, Japan and Germany


Wednesday, 25.05.2016, 15:00 - 15:30

Location: ESMT (European School of Management and Technology)

Address: Schlossplatz 1, 10178, Berlin, Deutschland

Host: Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research

Language: EN

Description: Dos and don’ts in social media – who needs that? After all, digital communication is part of start-up culture, right? But better watch out when moving between Europe and Asia. One suddenly might not feel so much (digital) native anymore. Yes, we all know in theory that understanding local business custom is one of the key success factors for international business. However, many companies fail due to the misunderstanding of the local communication landscape. So what could be the common mistakes when a German start-up enters the Chinese and Japanese market – and vice versa? The presentation will discuss digital communication cultures as an increasingly relevant aspects of a market environment. In doing so it will lay a special focus on the role of social media for external communication and PR. Public relation strategies are not easy to expand globally from a single place of transmission. Not only technical hurdles need to be overcome when switching between social media channels like Facebook, Weixin and Line. Communication cultures may even present the larger challenge. The presentation will introduce the markets separately – Germany, China and Japan. Based on the experience of Storymaker in working with all three countries, the differences and similarities in communication styles and cultures in digital communication then will be summarized. Speaker: Storymaker; Kai Kottenstede, Director China & Senior Consultant Food Technologies Keiichiro Yano, Business Development Manager Japan